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Abby Wulfing

5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a wonderful time to give gratitude, foster togetherness, practice tradition, and create memories. However, as the holiday season ramps up, for many, so do feelings of stress, worry, and sadness. This can be especially difficult when the holidays are “supposed” to be a time of happiness, joy, and stress-free time with…

By Abby Wulfing
Chad Lorenz construction site

Victoria Construction Update

Some think of fall as a time for endings—the leaves are changing, and we’re buckling up for winter.  For many, though, fall is a time of revitalization.  University students flock to their new classes with the promise of new relationships, new knowledge, and expanded horizons. Our clinic is in a similarly exciting stage of renewal. …

By Chad Lorenz
AthenaHealth logo

AthenaHealth: Partnership for Clarity

You spoke, we listened!  We are thrilled to be rolling out a new Electronic Health Record and billing system at Lorenz Clinic.  We’ve retained the services of AthenaHealth, the national leader in mid-sized specialty healthcare practice management.  Starting in November 2017, clients can expect many exciting changes including: Patient Portal.  Log in and see your…

By Coleen Fitzgerald
child with artwork at Lorenz Clinic

Engaging the Developing Minds of Today’s Youth: Strategies to Deepen Family Connections and Nurture Healthy Development

I have spent much of my career working with adolescents in various clinical settings, and as a result, I’ll often remind my students that at some point in their career they should too. Adolescents are the informants of progress in action. They navigate a phase of neurological development where they move beyond being told what…

By Lucas Volini
Parent and child playing with sand at Lorenz Clinic

Talking to Children About Violence in the News

These are not easy times for our society. Turning on the news means exposing yourself to stories of natural disasters, tensions between and within countries, and violence. Staying informed about the happenings of our world can (understandably) lead any adult to feel helpless and fearful. How, then, must it feel to be a child right…

By Gillian Koch

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