Opportunities for Impact

Our mission is to expand access to relationally-focused interventionists on main street. Our outpatient clinics have a reputation for clinical excellence, and we would be honored to learn more about you.


While we’re always interested in meeting talented individuals who are passionate about the mental health field, here is a list of available opportunities to join our organization.

Program Manager (Outpatient)

Outpatient Program Managers are Mental Health Professionals that serve as the local clinical manager at one clinic location.  Program Managers assists the Assistant Clinical Director (ACD) in coordinating and managing patient care in the facility according to professional best practices, adopted policies/procedures, state and federal regulations, and accepted accreditation standards.  Program Managers are the direct support/manager for all mental health professionals at their location.

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Medical Billing Specialist

The Medical Billing Specialist is responsible for ensuring all accounts are processed through insurance properly, and patient accounts are paid in a timely manner. The Medical Billing Specialist should be familiar with ethical billing practices, and is responsible for maintaining hundreds of patient accounts to ensure payment. The Medical Billing Specialist reports directly to the Director of Finance.

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Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologists report to the Clinical Director. This position will include carrying a caseload of psychotherapy clients in addition to providing intermittent administrative supervision, clinical supervision, and didactics within the clinic’s training program. Job duties include but are not limited to…

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Psychiatrist (or NP/CNS)

Integrated into a multidisciplinary outpatient team, psychiatric providers play an essential role evaluating and treating patients. Psychiatric providers enjoy access to in-house psychological testing and benefit from a strong referral base and organization structure.  Flexible schedule; no call.

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Mental Health Professional

Our clinic is known for its distinctive approach to psychotherapeutic intervention that integrates developmental, systemic, experiential, and trauma-informed models. In addition to their outpatient psychotherapy caseload, Mental Health Professionals serve as local clinical experts among our staff— resources on best practices and ethics unique to outpatient work. Our clinic realizes the distinctive role relationally-focused interventionists serve within the mental health profession.

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Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant plays an integral role within overall clinic. In addition to functioning as a
receptionist, they serve as the point person for the psychiatry department and assist psychiatry with
procedures and patient care. This is a full-time as assigned, non-exempt, hourly position.

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Clinic Assistant

The Clinic Assistant plays an integral role within overall clinic. They serve as the point person for many patient and staff concerns related to scheduling, billing, and customer service. As such, they are uniquely situated to set the cultural tone of each site. The Clinic Assistant functions as a receptionist, and their primary role involves administrative support. This is a full-time as assigned, non-exempt, hourly position.

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