Training Director

  • Job Title: Training Director
  • Direct Supervisor: Chief Executive Officer
  • Compensation: $90,000-130,000

Lorenz Clinic seeks a licensed psychologist to serve as Training Director (TD) beginning fall 2017. The
position is full-time and will be housed at our flagship clinic in Victoria, Minnesota.

The Clinic

Lorenz Clinic is a group practice focused on the mental health needs of children, families, and adults.
While the majority of services are provided under the umbrella of managed care, the clinic has
community partnerships that allow us to service those without insurance. Located on the edge of the
Minneapolis Metropolitan area, our four locations (Victoria, Chaska, Prior Lake, and Rosemount) are
located approximately 30-35 miles south/southwest of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul and provide
needed access to psychological services for both suburban and rural communities. In addition to its
overall clinical mission, the clinic hosts a vibrant clinical training program.

The Training Program

A major highlight about Lorenz Clinic is that it is a training site. Our existing training program includes a
master’s-level practicum, a post-master’s residency, and a post-doctoral psychology fellowship. The
incoming TD will have an opportunity to design and establish an approved doctoral internship program.
The program hosts a vibrant invited practitioner speaker series in addition to monthly grand rounds.
Because the training program is an outgrowth of our fierce dedication to serving the underserved, we
offer significantly reduced fee services to those in financial need. The clinic has existing relationships
with graduate programs in psychology, counseling, and family therapy. More information about the
training program can be found at


Full-time Licensed Psychologists enjoy up to $100,000 of student loan payment assistance over ten
years, paid time off, paid holidays, access to employer-sponsored group medical and dental insurance,
short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, a generous continuing
education allowance, paid CEU release time, and paid volunteer release time. Licensed Psychologists
also receive an average of 48 hours annually of board-approved CEU’s through regular employment.
The hiring range for this full-time, exempt, salaried position is $90,000-130,000 annually, depending on
program fit, qualifications, experience, and credentials. The TD will also benefit from clinical training
being at the forefront of the clinic’s overall mission.

Job Duties

The TD plays an essential leadership role designing, implementing, and maintaining all aspects of the
clinical training program. The TD will be responsible for the supervision of clinical supervisors, clinical
fellows, practicum students, and post-doctoral fellows. It is expected that, within their first year at the
clinic, this psychologist will collaboratively design pre-and postdoctoral psychology specialty training
placements in Family Psychology. Job duties include:

  • Training Program Duties
    • Training Committee
      • Presiding over Training Committee and designating members as needed
        • Regularly review training-related activities, trainee selection, and trainee performance issues and necessary
      • Trainee Selection – The TD ensures the clinic adheres to its policies related to training program candidate selection
        • Reviews trainee application materials and presents to Training Committee
        • Coordinates applicant interviews
        • In conjunction with Training Committee, selects candidates
    • Training Program development
      • Carries out plan to garner APPIC and APA designations for doctoral internship and postdoctoral psychology fellowships
      • Designs training activities in consultation with the Training Committee
      • Establishes, maintains, and enforces policies in the Training Program Handbook to be ratified by Training Committee
      • Ensures training program activities adequately address the Domains of Professional Competence described in Training Program Handbook
      • Designs and carries out strategic plan to garner APPIC and APA designations for the clinic’s pre- and postdoctoral training placements
      • Develops appendices for the Training Program Handbook that enable standardized, organized use of training-related forms
    • Supervision
      • The Training Director provides administrative and clinical supervision to trainees, which may be a mix of individual, dyadic, and group supervision
      • Designates supervisors for all training-related activities and ensures adequate levels of supervision are maintained
        • Ensures all supervisors meet and continually adhere to the clinic’s supervision standards and policies
      • Will provide training in supervision within training program
      • Presides over Professional Seminar for Postdoctoral Fellows
      • Provision of “Supervision of Supervision” to psychologists-in-training as credentials allow
      • Reviewing supervisees’ documentation and taking responsibility for any corresponding billing
        • Ensuring such documentation is consistent with managed care contracts and the professional standard
    • Trainee Management
      • Organizes new trainee orientation
        • Ensures trainees and supervisors are aware of all clinic policies
        • Obtains written confirmation that trainees have received copies of and agree to abide by the clinic’s Employee Handbook, Clinical Policies and Procedures, and Training Program Handbook
        • Review and approves trainee schedule changes and modifications to a) ensure adherence to supervision plans and b) maximize programmatic efficiency
        • Ensures and documents trainee and staff attendance at all training-related events
        • Ensures trainees meet requirements for placement completion
        • Ensures Trainee and Supervisor Rights and Responsibilities are upheld
        • Ensures adherence to Training Program Appeals and Grievances procedures
        • Ensures Trainee Evaluation Process procedures are followed
        • Maintains contact with university training directors and supervisors as needed
        • Investigates and responds to suspected instances of unethical or illegal conduct by training program staff or trainees in line with established procedures
        • Addresses evaluations of inadequate trainee performance according to established policy
          • Correcting problematic trainee behavior in accordance with established polices for disciplinary action
        • Ensures training program files are kept up-to-date and adhere to policy
        • Reviewing supervisees’ documentation and taking responsibility for any corresponding billing
          • Ensuring such documentation is consistent with managed care contracts and the professional standard
  • Clinical Duties
    • Carrying a patient caseload
    • The provision of psychological services including conducting diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, psychotherapy, and discharge planning for patients of the clinic
    • Conducting intermittent didactic trainings within the clinic’s training program as assigned
    • Providing intermittent outreach and training to community partners
    • Attending and participating in monthly case consultation, Grand Rounds, business meetings, and other meetings as required
    • Compliance with clinic documentation standards
    • Compliance with licensing board rules, applicable laws, and APA Code of Ethics
  • General Duties
    • Maintain professionalism in all interactions with staff, patients, and business associates of clinic
    • Keeping abreast of billing issues and discussing same with patients (as directed)
    • Assisting in intermittent peer reviews of patient files
    • Adherence to directives by Leadership Team and other duties as assigned
    • Assisting in clinic treatment and/or training outcomes studies as assigned
    • Organizing, attending, and participating in monthly case consultation meetings
    • Maintains working knowledge of the attachment, family systems, psychology training literature
    • Maintains a high level of competence and professionalism in psychology training and supervision best practices
    • Other duties as assigned
  • Leadership Duties
    • Directs strategy to identify and meet program-specific training needs
    • Develops, implements, and maintains, a strategy for monetizing external clinical trainings to ensure sustainability
    • Establishes and maintains positive and constructive relationships with academic institutions, training centers, and other relevant organizations

Major Requirements

  • An energetic, engaging, ambitious demeanor
  • 4 years of managerial and supervisory experience
  • 5 years of experience providing clinical training and/or teaching
  • 5 years of community-based mental health program experience
  • A doctoral degree in psychology from an APA accredited academic program
  • Full, unrestricted licensure as a psychologist in Minnesota
  • Full, unrestricted licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Minnesota (preferred)
  • Competency providing clinical and administrative supervision
  • In addition to psychology supervision competency, is eligible to attain MN Board of MFT board approved supervisor status (preferred)
  • Designation as an AAMFT Approved Supervisor (preferred)
  • Ability and willingness to service patients on an outpatient basis
  • Flexibility to meet when patients and supervisees are available to meet
  • A record of professional involvement within the specialty of Couples & Family Psychology (preferred)
  • Stated competence in clinical supervision of child, family, and adult psychotherapy and assessment
  • Knowledge of APPIC and APA accreditation standards for training sites as well as specialty competencies in Couples and Family Psychology

Other Requirements

  • Well-defined psychotherapeutic and supervisory theoretical orientation that is based on science
    • Ability to utilize empirically-validated treatment models based on best professional practices and standards
  • Strong clinical acumen
  • Ability to conduct and supervise psychological testing (preferred)
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Excellent interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills
  • Ability to respect diversity and integrate issues of culture into case conceptualizations
  • Ability to engage with patients who may be ambivalent about treatment
  • Ability to adapt interventions to patients’ strengths, skills, and developmental levels
  • Commitment to empowering patients to solve their own problems when necessary
  • Ability to intervene decisively, when necessary, to protect patient safety
  • Ability to set appropriate boundaries and limits for best practice

To Apply

To apply for this position, email your CV and a cover letter to Dr. Chad Lorenz, CEO, at In addition to your strengths, cover letters should broadly outline your
professional goals, commitment to the common good through training, and a brief narrative of your
experience providing clinical supervision and training program leadership. Applicants who are invited to
interview may eventually be asked to provide writing samples as well as letters of recommendation
from a past supervisor of supervision and/or administrator. More information about the clinic can be
found at