Our Team

Ali Kanan – M.A.

Post-Master's Fellow

Ali cross-fertilizes principles and practices from Western scientific approaches and Eastern spiritual approaches.  Irrespective, of treatment modalities used to guide interventions, Ali firmly believes that building and sustaining a cooperative therapeutic partnership is the first and most essential step when working with clients. Accordingly, he takes a genuinely curious, warm, caring, and understanding attitudinal approach towards the client’s subjective experience in the “here-and-now” as a way to develop the trust, shared sense of power and purpose, and respect necessary for lasting healing and transformation. In Ali’s practice, customizing therapy to fit the client’s personal needs, preferences, interest, strengths, and resources is of great importance.

Ali works with individuals of diverse personal histories, social backgrounds, and cultural identities. He has intermediate Arabic speaking skills. Additionally, he has a diverse clinical, consultation, and scholarly work history across a variety of settings, including community mental health clinics, K-12 schools, and at the college level. Ali has seen individuals, groups, and families, with clients’ ages ranging from childhood to adulthood. He has training and direct experiences in working with anxiety, grief, trauma, and ADHD/ODD disorders, family systems functioning on identity development/differentiated self, parenting styles and child discipline; interpersonal relationships/couples issues; and stressful life adjustments and normal life transitions (particularly in athletes).

  • Education
  • M.A. - Counseling in Clinical Mental Health - Ball State Univ.
  • M.S. - Kinesiology, Sport, & Exercise Psychology - Ball State Univ.
  • B.A. - Augsburg University
  • Experience
  • Centerstone - Muncie, IN
  • Ball State University