Our Team

Dr. Jennifer W. Koplos – PsyD, LP

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Jennifer Koplos is a licensed psychologist and has worked in many settings including children’s hospitals, outpatient medical clinics, mental health clinics, and schools. Dr. Koplos earned her PsyD and MA in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in child and adolescent psychology from Florida School of Professional Psychology. She completed her clinical training at Jackson Memorial Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Dr. Koplos loves seeing clients develop and adapt over time, particularly when they are able to solve and overcome challenges independently and can proudly share those moments of growth.

Her therapeutic approach focuses on being person-centered, as she knows the client knows themselves best, and that her role is to facilitate an environment in which the client can bring about positive change. Dr. Koplos’s primary goal in treatment is to build on existing strengths so that clients are able to confidently manage future stressors independently.

Dr. Koplos has a strong foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and will integrate other evidenced-based treatments to optimize care. She prefers to match approaches and strategies to skills that are already familiar to the client so that they are easier to adapt into everyday lives.

She has experience treating chronic health conditions, chronic pain, parenting concerns, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, life transitions, family stress, and relationship difficulties.

Dr. Koplos has specialized training in pediatric (health) psychology, which focuses on how physical conditions can impact psychological well-being. Prior to joining Lorenz Clinic, she worked at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia followed by Children’s Minnesota working with youth, young adults, and their parents on learning ways to overcome chronic pain in order to return to living a life they value and enjoy. Dr. Koplos is also experienced in palliative care and integrative medicine



  • Education
  • PsyD - Florida School of Professional Psychology (FSPP)
  • MA - Florida School of Professional Psychology (FSPP)
  • BA - Louisiana State University
  • Licensure
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Affiliations
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Society of Pediatric Psychology, APA Division 54
  • Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, APA Division 53
  • Minnesota Psychological Association