Our Team

Dr. Priyanka Rao – LP

Assistant Clinical Director, Outpatient Services

Dr. Rao is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in working with adults in both individual and couples therapy, and particularly enjoys working with young adults, those struggling within their relationships, and people hoping to explore and understand the unique aspects of their identities.

Dr. Rao believes that therapy should be a rewarding, exciting, and at times challenging experience to help individuals grow in the ways they want to. By working collaboratively and from a position of understanding, empathy, and curiosity, Dr. Rao helps clients explore what is causing their distress, develop greater insight and understanding, and make meaningful change for themselves. Throughout this exploration, she understands that all of us are situated within cultures and context that shape our experience and understanding of the world, and Dr. Rao works with clients to understand those factors and the ways in which they may impact their functioning.

Dr. Rao utilizes a style that is direct, challenging, and supportive, with a healthy dose of humor. She believes that at the core of every successful therapy is a strong relationship, and she believes it is her job to be a real person who individuals can genuinely connect with, open up to, and trust to join them on this journey. She looks to clients to take charge within the therapy space and make it what they need, while also collaborating with them using her unique background and skills to help move clients towards their goals. Clients who get the most out of working with her are open, driven, and willing to try something new within the therapy space. Dr. Rao’s hope is that clients will leave therapy feeling like they understand themselves better, feel accepting of the person they are, and feel able to pursue the changes they want to make for themselves.

  • Education
  • Psy.D. - Adler University, Chicago
  • B.A. - University of Virginia
  • Licensure
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Experience
  • Private Practice
  • University of Illinois at Chicago Counseling Center