Our Team

Erin Bjork – BA

Practicum Student

Erin began her work with children and families while in high school and has remained passionate about supporting young people and their relationships with adults. Erin graduated with her bachelor’s degree in social work in 2015 and has been working in the community with different members of the family since that time. For more than four years, Erin has worked with foster and adoptive families, preparing them to care for youth who have experienced trauma.

In Fall 2020, Erin began graduate school to earn her master’s degree in social work. She is excited to work at Lorenz’s day treatment program as part of her graduate learning experience. Energized by the way children seek to understand the world, Erin has remained committed to listening to children and their families. She understands professionally and personally that DNA is not required to be family, and that family unit is influential in shaping people. She seeks to listen and ask questions to understand people and their stories. Erin views behaviors as a method of communication and seeks to help youth and their caregivers discover the origins of the behavior while offering supports and ideas to move forward in a manner that feels safe and honoring to kids and caregivers.

  • Education
  • BA - Bethel University