Our Team

Gillian Caretta – BSW, LSW

Practicum Student

Gillian (she/her/hers) has her bachelor’s degree in social work from Winona State University and has earned her status as a licensed social worker. Currently, Gillian is working to complete her Master’s of Social Work degree through Saint Mary’s University.

Those who have experienced trauma, whether it be past or present, are clients Gillian is readily equipped to work with. Some specific areas Gillian is well-suited to address include childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

As a practitioner, Gillian works through a trauma-informed approach and is eager to utilize play therapy with children coming to Lorenz Clinic. She understands that the same approach may not be suited for every individual and is able to adapt her approach based on the unique needs of the persons receiving support. Additionally, Gillian sees value in offering consistent validation of thoughts, feelings and emotions in her interactions with those coming to Lorenz Clinic as well as providing therapeutically relevant perspective and guidance.

*This clinician is supervised by a licensed professional.

  • Education
  • BSW - Winona State University
  • Licensure
  • Licensed Social Worker