Our Team

Jenny Neubauer

Practicum Student

Jenny’s interest in the mental health field started at a very young age as she was inspired from watching a TV show of a mental health professional serving and promoting healing to young children who’ve experienced trauma.

Since then, Jenny pursued her passion in mental health and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from UW Eau Claire. She’s worked with adults and children with developmental disabilities and has a special interest in helping individuals and families navigate issues of loss and adjustment at various stages of life with disabling conditions.

Jenny seeks to develop collaborative and supportive relationships with the people she serves – working together to discover solutions and strengths within the person and their environment.

She has particular interest in learning and applying attachment theory and the Developmental Repair model in day treatment with children.

Throughout her studies, Jenny finds the work of Bessel van der Kolk intriguing in regards to trauma and its effect on and residence in the body. Accessing and treating trauma via movement and mindfulness holds a big promise for Jenny.