Our Team

LaTasha Peterson – MA, LPCC

Mental Health Professional

LaTasha earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Within her role,  she utilizes EMDR Therapy, DBT Skill building concepts, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, and Psychoeducation. LaTasha has 10 years of experience practicing psychotherapy.

LaTasha embraces a perspective of ‘getting to the root causes of problems as a primary focus of healing. In her trauma work, LaTasha focuses on non-invasive options to support healing from various trauma related experiences. LaTasha is a certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant.

LaTasha addresses issues related to managing various life stressors including relationship, job/career, family, transitional, societal/systemic, racial inequality, sexual and gender identity, generational trauma, adoption, blended family, attachment, cult recovery, and historical based trauma-related stressors. Her work is often focused on helping people heal from overall various forms of trauma and abuse (childhood, parental, sexual, physical, verbal/emotional, religious, systemic, domestic violence, cultural, relational, etc.).

LaTasha offers a global-based perspective when approaching the work of exploring the influences of culture, race, identity, and inequality-related concerns in society. Individuals who benefit most from LaTasha’s approach have embraced the concept of personal accountability as well as the decision to build and maintain a thriving life. In addition, these individuals have decided to personally invest in therapeutic services as part of building and maintaining a thriving life, acknowledging their personal resilience as a strong and valuable attribute.

  • Education
  • M.A. - Bethel University
  • B.A. - Hamline University
  • Licensure
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor