Our Team

Sarah Bowling – BA

Practicum Student

Sarah (she/her/hers) is enrolled in the online Master of Social Work program at Boston University with an emphasis in clinical social work practice. Sarah is trauma-informed and volunteers at RAINN, America’s largest sexual violence organization, providing online support to survivors.

Sarah’s passion and interest is in the field of trauma. She recognizes the importance of the nervous system and body when treating trauma and prioritizes these items to help regulate clients who are feeling too overwhelmed. She incorporates mindfulness and meditation practice to help ground clients. Sarah is EMDR certified (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Sarah is passionate about working with individuals who struggle emotionally and psychologically. As a trauma-informed therapist, she meets the clients where they are and ensures a secure space for clients to truly connect and be heard. Client’s needs are paramount in which they are prioritized. Sarah works diligently to help support clients reach post traumatic growth in their recovery journey.

  • Education
  • B.A. - University of St. Thomas