Practicum 2021-2022

Practicum students may enjoy the benefits of operating within the larger training program, which offers monthly agency-wide consultation, grand rounds, and an invited speaker series. Weekly individual supervision is with a doctoral-level staff psychologist and/or master’s level mental health professional, depending on students’ eventual licensure track and academic program needs.

  • Job Title: Practicum 2021-2022

We will be accepting applications for our next Practicum starting in January 2021. Practica run for either 9 or 12 months, depending on students’ needs and academic program requirements. Though not required, year-long placements are preferred in order to assure clients the highest level of continuity between trainees. The Clinic offers both psychotherapy and assessment practicum placements.


For outpatient and day treatment therapy practica, the program typically takes master’s or doctoral students from counseling, Couples & Family Therapy, early childhood (infant mental health), social work, or child-focused degree programs. The placement requires at least 20-hours and at least two evenings per week. In our experience, the educational quality of a practicum is negatively correlated with a student’s concurrent credit load, and students are encouraged to begin practicum only after completing the majority of their degree requirements.

Prerequisite Coursework:

  • Ethics
  • Counseling theories
  • Psychopathology

Although the clinic serves clients throughout the lifespan, practicum students are able to focus on the client population that best suits their learning goals.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological Assessment (Doctoral students only)

Application Process

Admission to the training program is competitive. Application materials are accepted between January 15th and February 15th each year for both June and September starts. To apply for a practicum placement, email your resume/CV and letter of interest to the selection committee at Letters should broadly outline your learning goals and commitment to the common good and explicitly state the type of degree program you are in as well as the placement you are seeking. Materials will be reviewed in January and February for both June and September starts. Interviews are typically done individually with the clinical supervisor and/or Training Director. Finalists will be required to submit writing samples.

Note: All practicum placement offers are contingent upon successful completion of reference checks and background checks including Minnesota Statute 148.01 “Minnesota Sexual Exploitation Act.” This statute requires Lorenz Clinic contact employers from at least the last five years to determine whether any sexual exploitation of clients has occurred. Applicants who do not successfully pass these background checks will be dismissed from the placement.