Outpatient Clinical Manager

Under general direction, the Outpatient Clinical Manager will plan, develop, manage, and oversee the administration of outpatient mental health service operations.

  • Job Title: Outpatient Clinical Manager
  • Direct Supervisor: Director of Outpatient Psychotherapy
  • Compensation: $70,000 - $115,000
  • Location: Prior Lake, MN - Temporarily remote

Under general direction, the Outpatient Clinical Manager will plan, develop, manage, and oversee the administration of outpatient mental health service operations. In conjunction with support and clinical staff, the CM will maintain and enforce acceptable professional and ethical standards of the facility’s clinical staff according to the Leadership Team’s clinical vision. The CMs also serve in a consultative role to staff mental health professionals (MHPs) and mental health practitioners. They participate in strategic planning and committee activities as assigned. CMs also manage provider clinical effectiveness and productivity.

Outpatient Clinical Managers assist the Director of Outpatient Psychotherapy (DOP) in ensuring the facility, documentation, and patient-care meet all related local, state, federal and accrediting-body rules and regulations, as well as Lorenz Clinic policies/procedures. CM’s assist the DOP in coordinating and managing patient care including a focus on quality review, clinical consultation, team building within and across Lorenz Clinic service lines, and partnership with our training program and Director of Training. CM’s also serve as liaison between the clinical staff in their program and the DOP.

We are looking for a CM for our site in Prior Lake. This role may also have the opportunity to manage our upcoming Wayzata site or our telehealth provider group. Scope of role will be based on fit and interest of applicant, as well as business needs.

  • The Prior Lake location has been part of the community for 8 years. We continue to expand exciting offerings at this site. Notably, we have one large PCIT suite + A/V technology and psychological testing capabilities on-site. We are looking for a leader who has strong skills in supporting team cohesion, who has exceptional supervisory and management skills, and who is fulfilled by both their clinical practice and their team leadership.
  • Based on fit and interest, this role could also include additional opportunities for leadership. Leadership at Lorenz necessitates someone who can manage from a sustaining perspective – continuing the strong tradition of Lorenz Clinic – AND a growth perspective – as Lorenz grows to serve new communities.
  • Management of a new site opening in Wayzata in 2022.
  • Management of the expanding telehealth team. Lorenz continues to offer telehealth services to meet provider and patient needs. We are in the process of expanding this team. Someone with a history of telehealth use or telehealth management would be a great fit.

Distinguishing Features

The Outpatient Clinical Manager is distinguished from the staff clinicians in that the latter does not have overall responsibility for program management, evaluation, reporting and statistics, or outcome monitoring. The CM is further distinguished from the Director of Outpatient Psychotherapy in that the latter assists the Chief Clinical Officer in directing all outpatient operations and programs.

Ideal Candidates

In addition to the qualifications, knowledge, and skills listed below, ideal candidates for this position will also exemplify the following essential attributes for success:

  • A supportive manager capable of instructing, focusing and guiding others in accomplishing performance and work goals and objectives of behavioral health clinic/program operations and services. A strong manager knows how to have challenging conversations while also supporting the team and the individual clinicians
  • A competent decision maker capable of solving problems and taking appropriate action which is consistent with all available facts, constraints, and probable consequences in a fast paced, multidisciplinary environment by identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities, and comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions
  • An effective communicator who conveys information and in a manner that meets audience needs; someone able to develop and maintain effective relationships with others and who relates well to people from varied backgrounds and in different situations
  • A highly knowledgeable mental health clinician who keeps up with terminology and current developments and trends in the behavioral health system of care and who has achieved sufficient clinical knowledge and skill in the operations and services of a behavioral health care clinic/program which provides behavioral health services
  • Someone experienced or interested in the design, implementation and management of large, complex behavioral health care programs and/or clinics, and who is able to oversee and direct resources, personnel and activities including multi-disciplinary teams
  • Someone capable of identifying and understanding how external issues (e.g., economic, political, social and health care trends) impact the work of behavioral health care services and who is able to motivate and inspire others by providing leadership and setting a sense of purpose for the Clinic and its programs
  • A collaborative spirit eager to actively participate as a member of a team contributing successfully to the completion of goals and objectives aligned with the mission, vision and values of the Clinic’s system of care
  • Someone who possesses an air of confidence and creates a good first impression by professionally commanding attention and earning the trust and respect of others

Knowledge & Skills

The most suitable candidates will possess the following knowledge and competencies:

  • Managerial principles and practices including work planning, employee supervision, and resource allocation
  • Supervisory principles and practices including how to provide consultation feedback, ability to supervise trainees and early career professionals, and knowledge to support clinical growth
  • Principles and practices of program planning and evaluation
  • Practices and techniques of programmatic analysis and reporting
  • Principles and practices for maintaining and expanding funding sources while adhering to payer administrative requirements
  • Psychological diagnostic methods and terminology
  • Cultural and ecosystemic factors affecting mental health
  • Clinical standards of practice and licensure requirements
  • Knowledge of current theories, principles, and practices for providing psychological services to clients generally as well as those specific to outpatient psychotherapy services including individual, couples, family, and group therapy and psychological testing
  • Applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations
  • Office administrative practices and procedures including records management and the operation of standard office equipment
  • Computer applications related to the work including the Clinic’s Electronic Health Record

Job Duties

1. Philosophy

  • Supports the facility’s ideology, mission, goals and objectives
  • Ensures clinic-wide adherence to clinical policies and procedures
  • Follows the facility’s standards for ethical business conduct
  • Conducts self as a positive role model and team member
  • Recognizes patients’ rights and responsibilities and supports them in performance of job duties
  • Respects patients’ rights to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality
  • Participates in facility committees, meetings, in services, and activities as assigned

2. General

  • Assists the DOP in the maintenance, continuing improvement, and enforcement of acceptable professional and ethical standards and performance of the clinical staff and patient-care personnel
  • Reports to the DOP regarding the quality and efficiency of medical care provided
  • Manages all clinical aspects of day-to-day clinic operations
  • Maintains open line of communication with DOP
  • Supports administrative decisions and activities affecting patient care
  • Provides guidance to clinicians and support staff on facility clinical policies to enhance patient care
  • In cooperation with DOP, ensures adherence to federal and state rules and regulations as well as applicable accrediting-body standards
  • Assists DOPs efforts in implementing plan for facility licensing, accreditation, and/or new program growth
  • Other duties as assigned

3. Clinical Staff

  • Serves as a liaison between MHPs and DOP
  • Serves as a liaison between MHPs and the support staff
  • Serves as a resident expert in applicable rules, laws, and professional standards related to patient care
  • Investigates breaches of quality patient care or ethical conduct by medical staff members and makes appropriate recommendations to DOP
  • Enforces clinical policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and other facility policies and procedures
  • Implements sanctions with MHPs where indicated, including all instances in which corrective action been requested against an MHP regarding his or her compliance with procedural safeguards
  • Reviews performance of MHPs
  • Enforces policies related to releases of patient information and responding to requests for records
  • Enforces policies related to responding to patient crises and making mandated patient safety reports
  • Provides and documents consultation to MHPs as requested
  • Carries patient case load as assigned
  • Recruits and hires MHPs and practitioners to ensure 100% staffing utilization
  • Ensures MHP’s and practitioners are accountable for meeting productivity requirements

4. Patient Care

  • Ensures the quality of patient care provided by all MHPs and practitioners at facility and in home-based services are in accordance with the established policies and procedures as well as best professional practices
  • Assists facility staff in identifying and solving patient-care problems
  • Assists clinicians in ensuring continuity of patient care through coordination of providers * Carrying psychotherapy caseload as defined by clinic
  • The provision of outpatient clinical services including conducting diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, psychotherapy, and discharge planning for patients of the clinic
  • Provision of clinical and administrative supervision within the clinic’s training program – if credentials allow
  • Attending and participating in individual supervision, monthly case consultation, Grand Rounds, business meetings, and other meetings as required by Clinic
  • Compliance with clinic documentation standards
  • Compliance with licensing board rules and AAMFT Codes of Ethics
  • Maintain professionalism in all interactions with staff, patients, and business associates of clinic
  • Keeping abreast of billing issues and discussing same with patients when necessary
  • Assisting in intermittent peer-reviews of patient files
  • Adherence to directives by applicable direct clinical and administrative supervisors

5. Communication

  • Communicates effectively and professionally with patients, visitors, clinicians, and co workers
  • Interacts with others in a positive, respectful, and considerate manner
  • Actively helps cultivate a positive reputation for the Clinic in the community
  • In cases where instances of problematic MHP conduct need to be addressed, the OCM issues verbal and written correctives that are specific, timely, and clearly tied to observable behaviors
  • In cases where instances of problematic support staff conduct need to be addressed, the OCM communicates with the Administrative Services Manager (ASM) so that the ASM can issue verbal and written correctives that are specific, timely, and clearly tied to observable behaviors

6. Financial Practices

  • Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wasteful practices
  • Promotes cost containment and efficient use of facility resources
  • Makes recommendations for potential cost-effective improvements
  • Assists in educating clinical staff about cost-containment issues
  • Responds to clinically-related questions about adjustments to patient accounts

7. Compliance Program

  • Contributes to the DOPs management of the organization’s adopted compliance program
  • Performs according to established compliance policies and procedures
  • Assists DOP efforts to organize and carry out peer review of patient files

8. Quality-Improvement Program

  • Contributes to the DOPs progress and development of the organization’s adopted Quality Improvement Program
  • Performs according to established quality improvement policies and procedures
  • Monitors MHP participation in quality improvement activities
  • Participates in quality improvement studies as required by DOP to assess clinical care/staff and adherence to managed care contracts
  • Makes recommendations for potential Electronic Health Record efficiencies or improvements

9. Safety/Risk – Management Program

  • Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities *Works with the DOP to resolve observed or suspected safety violations, hazards, and policy/procedure noncompliance
  • Responds to emergency situations with competence and composure
  • Supports risk management and participates in programs concerning patient and employee safety
  • Promptly and decisively responds to instances wherein MHP behavior contributes to risk

10. Professional Competence

  • Participates in continuing education and other learning experiences as requested by administration
  • Participates in facility teaching programs for employees and clinical staff on topics of special interest/pertinent to the clinical aspects of outpatient mental health
  • Maintains high level of professionalism and activity within the larger profession
  • Brings voice of ethical decision-making to all work
  • Welcomes suggestions and recommendations from all co-workers
  • Provides facility with updated credentialing information when needed
  • Serves as an assistant policy authority related to the clinical portions of the Electronic Health Record; helps train all clinical staff and ensures their compliance in same



  • A). the equivalent of one year of experience as a Mental Health Professional at Lorenz Clinic with a proven track record of leadership and exceeding position requirements or
  • B). the equivalent of three years of post-licensure experience as a Mental Health Professional providing clinical services, of which one year must have been in a management or supervisory capacity equivalent to that of an Outpatient Clinical Manager


  • Possession of a master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited school of marriage and family therapy, social work, psychology, professional counseling, or related field. Possession of a valid, independent clinical license from one of the applicable licensing authorities; the Minnesota board of Marriage and Family Therapy, Minnesota Board of Social Work, Minnesota Board of Psychology, or Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health & Therapy
  • Proven track record of directing programs and/or managing clinicians for effectiveness, productivity, and high ethical standards
  • Cooperative work attitude toward management facility staff, patients, visitors, and clinicians
  • Ability to promote favorable facility image with clinicians, patients, insurance companies, referral sources, and general public
  • Ability to lead clinical staff in making ethically- and clinically- appropriate decisions and solve problems

Other Requirements

  • Evidence of leadership qualities
  • Strong ethical and moral character references
  • Language skills adequate for high-level written, interpersonal, and telephone communication in American English
  • Computer literacy
  • Ability to work full-time
  • Strong ethical and moral character references
  • Competent in psychological consultation and supervision
  • Possesses a National Provider Identifier (NPI) prior to first day of employment
  • Approval for Medicare participation within 180 days of hire, if Medicare participation is allowed for license type

Job Quality Requirements

  • Accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Timeliness
  • Organization
  • Low supervision needed to accomplish tasks
  • Dependability
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Physical/Mental Requirements

  • Ability to walk/stand/sit for long periods
  • Capability for occasional overhead and low reaching
  • Visual and auditory acuity for timely response and patient care assessment activities
  • Ability to move quickly in response to patient needs
  • Ability to frequently make judgements on/respond to problems
  • Ability to occasionally make judgements on/respond to disasters/emergencies, actual events, or drills
  • Working Conditions
  • Well-lit and ventilated, with hazardous and non-hazardous equipment
  • May involve occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious body fluids and materials


  • Mental Health Professionals & Practitioners
  • Contacts
  • Patients
  • Patients’ family, significant others, or other designees
  • Clinical staff members & trainees
  • Facility personnel
  • Administration
  • Governing body

The hiring range for this position is $70,000-95,000 for master’s prepared clinicians and $105,000-115,000 for doctorally-prepared clinicians.

To Apply

To apply for this position, email your resume and a cover letter to Dr. Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis, Director of Outpatient Psychotherapy, at In addition to your strengths, cover letters should broadly outline your professional goals, commitment to the common good, and a brief narrative of your experience providing clinical supervision. Applicants who are invited to interview may be asked to provide writing samples and a letter of recommendation from a past supervisor of supervision.