Our Team

Jessica Powers – BS

Director of Client Experience

Jessica works as the Director of Client Experience, overseeing the team of intake specialists and clinic assistants. Jessica thrives on collaboration with this dedicated group of professionals, striving to meet our clients where they are in the community. Jessica focuses on operationally contributing to the integration of our programs so families and children can receive a multitude of services under one roof. Working in an organization that offers early intervention programming, meeting the needs of children and families is a priority for Jessica, and a main contributing factor to why she loves Lorenz Clinic.

Joining the team in the fall of 2018, Jessica joined Lorenz after spending 10+ years as a special educator. Transitioned careers, started at Lorenz Clinic as a Clinic Assistant. Her work in high needs classrooms with a wide range of students with disabilities; Autism, Severe Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, and Cognitive Impairment, has helped to fuel her passion in her current role.

  • Education
  • B.S. - Indiana University, Bloomington