What We Value

As an organization, we strive to provide the best quality care to our clients and clinicians. To achieve the best results, we are focused on these key values that help guide our work and our company culture.

Our values guide our work.

Lorenz Clinic was founded on the simple idea that we do for clinicians so they can do for clients. As a clinic, we are committed to providing a multi-site, multi-service approach that places our clinicians and clients at the center of the work we do. We are lifelong learners, we are listeners, and we are committed to ensuring our organization is an active part of creating safe spaces for people from all walks of life. Our work and focus are guided by the following values:

Social Obligation

Our duty is to advance the common good through relationships.  We view mental health issues in context, and a sense of pluralism pervades our work.  We believe everyone has the right to quality mental healthcare, so we are on a mission to expand equitable access to those who need our services. It is our duty to have a positive impact on the communities we serve and engage within. We strive to provide an inclusive, safe place where people are accepted and ensure they have access to the best clinical care that meets their needs. As clinicians, staff, and community members, it is our obligation to engage, reflect, and learn about how we can make a positive contribution to our society.


We are working on the mental health profession, not just in the profession. We are dedicated to training the next generation of clinicians, which enables us to positively impact the field and increase access to quality care. We engage in our communities and professional organizations, maintain a connection to the body of knowledge, and advocate for clients with respect to local, state, and federal policies. We live out this value in our relationships with one another, potential colleagues, our clients, and our communities.  We strive to offer ourselves as models of ethical decision-making and cultural humility and lead the profession in pursuit of its highest ideals. We understand well the inextricably-linked privileges and obligations  of our professional roles.


Expanding equitable access to mental healthcare is the most pressing social mission of our time.  We are a growing organization, a growing clinic, and we are committed to growing our people. We are adapting to our changing environments. We are lifelong learners – not just our clinicians, but each member of our entire team. We are focused on developing and growing the skill sets that enable us to be our best at Lorenz Clinic. We view most mental health problems as an outcome of human development, which is inextricably linked to our interpersonal relationships. A hallmark of every sort of development is that it progresses in a stepwise manner and is rarely linear.


We define effective care as that which effectively induces the changes our clients want.  We strive to engage in evidence-based practice and bridge practice-science divide whenever possible. We consider ourselves local clinical scientists, paying special attention to the importance of local data, learning from each clinical encounter, and incorporating the existing knowledge base where relevant. We take steps to ensure our work isn’t unduly impacted by our own biases and cognitive heuristics. We aim to measure the outcomes of our work with an eye towards continuous improvement. Whenever possible, we widen our aperture to view the context within which problems occur so that we can treat underlying problems, not just their symptoms. Our drive for quality stems from our fidelity to our clients. We avoid doing harm at all costs, act with integrity, and maintain a sense of justice and respect for all we encounter. We strive toward the quadruple aim of healthcare: to improve health while reducing the cost of care and enhancing the patient and clinician experiences.


Empathy guides what we do, and we interact mindfully.  Our therapy is marked by “mentalizing”, and we are able to step outside our own points of view and comfort zones to consider other perspectives. We intentionally leverage each interpersonal exchange so that it advances the therapeutic change process. We distinguish between the content and process of a therapeutic encounter, enabling us to intervene experientially.  Reflection encourages growth. Our focus and intentionality towards supporting one another, reflecting on our work, and continuing our training and education ensure we can provide the quality care our clients and communities deserve.


We’re Hiring

Lorenz Clinic prides itself on having cultivated a socially tolerant clinical staff who can think contextually and intervene interpersonally. We are always interested in learning more about the brightest minds in the field.

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