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Meet Mariam – Program Manager for Early Childhood Day Treatment in Rosemount

Meet Program Manager, Mariam Fam! In this video, Mariam shares a bit about herself and answers a few common questions about our new Early Childhood Day Treatment program at our Rosemount clinic. Our new Rosemount clinic is a brand new facility offering large Day Treatment suites, an indoor basketball court, and more!    

By Mariam Fam

How to Approach the Winter Season during COVID-19

The Winter Season In Minnesota and other colder climates, the winter season can present challenges. From the short days, cold temperatures, and need to stay indoors, winters can be long. Isolation can also be challenging if you suffer from Major Depressive Disorder with a seasonal pattern, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder , which occurs…

By Amanda Schuh

Is Day Treatment a good option for your kiddo?

Every parent’s and caregivers’ worst nightmare is having their child labeled negatively by an individual or society. Oftentimes children who have experienced trauma display big behaviors that are difficult for caregivers to understand and manage. As a result, children may be at greater risk of social isolation. Every behavior a child displays is an attempt…

By Mariam Fam

Lorenz Clinic’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

Ready to start an unforgettable fellowship experience in Couple and Family Psychology? Join our team of talented professionals and immerse yourself in an environment that provides the best training, collaboration and experience in the nation. Apart from our full stack of benefits and competitive pay, our Post-Doctoral Fellowship features the following perks: Rich invited speaker…

By Maria Zivkovic

Friend or Foe? The Evolution of Sibling Relationships Across Time

During our lifetime, we encounter and develop many relationships, and each relationship impacts us in different ways. We may learn more about ourselves and discover which types of relationships are essential to our personal growth. The relationships that we have with our siblings are often the most enduring relationships of our lives, as they predate…

By Gillian Tibbetts

Considering Sending Your Kid Back to Childcare?

With the recent changes in COVID restrictions, many caregivers are torn on whether it’s a good idea to send their child back to childcare. The following tips are geared toward families who have decided that childcare is the best option for them and are looking to send their child back to care in the safest…

By Katelyn Schwartz

5 Signs a Child May Need Day Treatment

As families and caregivers are hearing more about Day Treatment and the benefits it provides to children, many start to wonder if their child may need services and if Day Treatment is the right fit.  Furthermore, other questions arise such as what exactly is Day Treatment, how is it going to specifically work for the…

By Mariam Fam

5 Tips for Caregivers Sending Kids Back to Childcare

Our world today looks much different than it did in the beginning of March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Decisions that used to come easily (e.g. sending a kid to childcare or visiting loved ones) are now much more complicated. Each family system is unique so there is no “one-size fits all” answer regarding…

By Katelyn Schwartz

Healthy Ways to Cope with COVID-19 Stress

The global pandemic continues to affect our daily lives. According to the experts, COVID-19 is here to stay for a while. Check out these tips and reminders on ways to keep our mind, body and soul healthy as we keep moving forward with the novel Coronavirus [infographic].

By Amanda Schuh

Domestic Violence Awareness: What you need to know

  Each year, the month of October is dedicated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month to raise awareness of domestic abuse, provide those affected with resources, and show family and friends how to help loved ones stay safe. Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors and control by one person to gain and maintain power…

By Amanda Schuh

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