Clinic News


Lorenz Announces Wayzata Clinic

We are delighted to announce our new Wayzata clinic, which will open in 2022!

The clinician experience played heavily into our location selection process.  Wayzata is an eminently walkable community and a great place to work and play, essential aspects of clinician experience and wellbeing.  Most importantly, Wayzata is a gateway community for all points west, which fits with our mission of expanding access to quality mental healthcare on Main Street in vibrant downtowns and serving outlying areas.

The new location will house outpatient psychiatry, psychology, and various intensives in addition to serving as a hub for home-based clinicians who will serve Hennepin, Wright, and Carver Counties.

We have already begun staffing the new clinic, as the lead time lends itself to clinicians hoping to practice remotely or in a hybrid model over the near term. Contact for more