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Lorenz to Host 4th Annual Invited Practitioner Conference

Lorenz Clinic announces its 4th Annual Invited Practitioner Conference. This year’s conference will be held Friday, December 04, 2020 virtually on Zoom and will feature Dr. Froma Walsh, a leader in the field of family therapy, and expert on family resilience, with extensive experience in situations of trauma, complicated loss, disruptive life transitions, and multi-stress, chronic conditions.

First time attending Lorenz Clinic’s Annual Invited Practitioner Conference or need a quick refresher? Here’s a quick snapshot to get you up to speed.


What is the annual conference series?

Lorenz Clinic sponsors an Annual Invited Practitioner Series to provide continuing education to therapists who have an interest in working with couples, families, and individuals. We invite national leaders and researchers to present their innovative techniques and perspectives so that local clinicians are providing the best care possible to clients in therapy.


Who is it for? 

The Conference is for any interested therapist, clinical student at any training level, clinical supervisor, or employee in the mental health field who would like to learn more from national speakers on topics relevant to providing therapy to families, couples, or individuals.


Why do therapists attend trainings?

Therapists attend trainings to continue to learn from the most recent research in the field. Continuing education events are a requirement from state licensure boards for clinicians to ensure that they are providing the best care possible. Clinicians should keep up with recent therapy approaches which are evidence-based and demonstrate positive outcomes through up-to-date research studies.


What is this year’s topic?

This year’s topic will feature Dr. Walsh’s keynote: “Shelter Through the Storm: Strengthening Family Resilience in the Time of COVID-19”.

1. Participants will gain useful practice principles in applying a Family Resilience Framework with pandemic-related losses and multi-stress challenges in their work with couples and families.
2. Participants will learn helpful ways to deal with practice challenges in addressing Covid-related grief and anxiety.
3. Participants will learn ways to support family meaning-making of their adverse situations.
4. Participants will learn ways to support a positive outlook, realistic hope, and active agency to focus on possibilities and counter overwhelm, helplessness, and despair.
5. Participants will learn ways to support transcendent values and practices that nourish resilience: inspiring innovation, connection, and positive growth out of devastating losses and tough times.



8:30 | Introduction

8:45 | Part 1: Love, Loss, and Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus: A Relational Systems Approach

9:50 | Break (10 mins)

10:00 | Part 2: Facilitating Healing and Resilience with Complicated Grief

10:50 | Break (10 mins)

11:00 | Part 3: Keys to Family and Therapist Resilience: Practicing the Art of the Possible

11:45 | Discussion

12:20 | Presentation Closing

12:30 | Dismissal


Are there any Continuing Education Credits for this event?

This conference has been approved for 3.5 continuing education hours for the following Minnesota Boards: Social Work, Psychology, BBHT, and MFT.


Where is this year’s conference located and how do I register?

Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be held live on Zoom. First 100 registrants will receive a Lorenz Clinic swag bag!

To get your swag bag and to save your spot, register here.