Psychological Testing

From attention and motivation to behavior and mood regulation, understanding the issue deeper sometimes requires measurement and comparison to statistical norms.

We have the value that, in order to provide excellent testing that encapsulates a person’s injury, the evaluator must first be an amazing therapist. All our evaluators were first trained as psychotherapists. The clinic’s testing program is distinctive in that all evaluators are trained in family dynamics in addition to psychological evaluation.

Lorenz Clinic offers comprehensive general psychological and psychoeducational testing for:

  • Children (ages 5-12)
  • Adolescents (ages 13-18)
  • Adults (general testing only)

Pediatric psychological testing is an especially specialized service in high demand. Like most clinics, there is typically a three to six-month waitlist for our testing services, but this can vary depending on each circumstance.

Note: We do not offer forensic or court-ordered evaluations.

Issues we evaluate in children include:


Learning Disorders


Fetal Alcohol Effects


Testing Location

Other areas we evaluate include:

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Complex Trauma

Disordered Attachment

Mood Disorders

Diagnostic Clarifications

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Psychological Testing Process

Not every case demands psychological testing. Just as in medicine, there is a continuum of assessment measures that are used in psychology. In order to be thorough and complete, our evaluators begin with a Diagnostic Assessment check-up to better determine what a client’s needs are.

Once our evaluators complete the Diagnostic Assessment, based on those outcomes, they might order additional assessments that are more extensive and help the evaluator and client better achieve a diagnosis. There are also instances where, post-assessment, the evaluator deems there is no need for further testing.

The typical timeline from intake appointment to receiving a final report in 6-8 weeks. These timelines can waiver depending on client engagement, appointments being rescheduled and more.

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