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For the health and safety of our staff and clients, all upcoming appointments will be exclusively conducted as remote/mobile video visits for the time being. This change will go into effect at 8:00pm on Friday 3/20/20 and will last until public health authorities’ recommendations change. 

We are still available to meet, though in a different manner.  

To be clear, though we can’t meet in person, your appointment is not cancelled.  Starting Monday 3/23/20, all sessions will be switched over to video conferencing or telephone, and it is important to keep a regular routine with your therapist or provider.  Our video conferencing application is easy to use, intuitive, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.  

This change will last as long as public health authorities recommend, which could be a few weeks or a couple months.  Our telephones will be answered as normal, so call the clinic at (952) 443-4600 if you have questions. 

If you have a future appointment scheduled, you’ll be emailed or texted a link to join your next session.  Please call the clinic if you haven’t received such a link. There is more information on this new format, along with answers to frequently asked questions below on this page. 

The continuation of regular sessions with your therapist or provider is clinically recommended in order to set aside time for mental health during this hectic time, preserve therapeutic gains made to date, and to maintain regular contact with your therapist so that you can hit the ground running when we reopen our physical space.  

It is especially important for children to remain in regular contact with their therapist or provider.  Children have a different sense of time than adults.  If you think back to your childhood, a week might as well have been a year.  Children are often more accustomed to meeting over video conferencing than adults (and sometimes even prefer it).  Maintaining a regular schedule between child and therapist or provider is a must.

The main benefit of mobile video sessions is that one can connect with their therapist or provider from anywhere, without the need to meet face-to-face in the office.  Studies have shown that interactive tele-psychological interventions are similar in their effectiveness to in-person psychotherapy (APA, 2013), while increasing access to care.  Telepsychology and medication management sessions cost the same, are covered by, and billed through your insurance just like in-person sessions.

Another reason to maintain regular contact is that we anticipate an influx of patients needing mental health services over the next 6-9 months.  To ensure appointment availability, set up weekly, recurring appointment times with your clinician or provider. 

Our staff understand this temporary change likely represents an inconvenience for you and/or yours, and the decision to transition to telehealth was not taken lightly.  We’re still here to help.  Like the rest of society, we are faced with a pressing public health crisis and feel the need to act in the best interests of our employees’ physical health as well as slowing the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to serve you. 

-Laiel Baker-DeKrey, Ph.D., LP

Clinical Director 

Telehealth FAQ’s

Q: What is telehealth?

A: Telehealth is the provision of psychological and/or medical services using telecommunication technology.  At Lorenz Clinic, we use a platform called zoom to provide medication management and therapy sessions through video conferencing on a mobile device, tablet, or computer.  It’s secure, effective, and convenient.

Download by clicking here or to download the app your device, click the appropriate icon below:




Q: Is telepsychology as effective as in-person therapy?

A: Studies have shown that interactive telehealth interventions (such as videoconferencing “tele-sessions”) are equal in their effectiveness to in-person psychotherapy (APA, 2013), while increasing access to care. 


Q: What kind of technological resources do I need access to in order to use telepsychology?

A: You need a computer, tablet, or mobile device that has a camera, microphone, and speakers.  You will also need access to either WiFi or wired internet connection and a secure location from which you can “attend” your sessions.  Headphones that have a microphone and speaker would work well if you do not have an integrated microphone and speakers on your device. Additionally, you’ll receive a link to an app that is used to ensure secure and HIPAA compliant communication, and this will need to be downloaded.


Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone, PC, or tablet?

If you don’t have a tablet, smartphone, or PC to use, we can still meet via telephone.  Insurances usually require both audio and video components in order to pay for the services.  However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, payers are loosening these restrictions and allowing telephone only acts if no access to video equipment.


Q: How do I schedule a telehealth session?

A: Telehealth sessions are scheduled in the same way we schedule in-person sessions. You may speak to your therapist, provider, or our front desk staff in order to schedule.  Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email and text from us with further instructions for setting up your appointment. 


Q: How is a telepsychology session billed to my insurance? Does it cost the same as an in-person session?

A: Yes. Telehealth sessions are billed through your insurance in the same way in-person sessions are billed. Telehealth sessions and in-person sessions cost the same, and you will have the same copay for both.  Most insurance plans in Minnesota cover telehealth services. 


Q: How secure is the technology you’re using?

A: All technology is HIPAA compliant and is encrypted to ensure security. 


Q: Are my sessions still confidential?

A:  Yes. Therapists and providers still follow the same legal guidelines regarding confidentiality that we adhere to during in-person sessions.  We will also ensure that when we are providing a telehealth session, we are doing so from a secure, private, HIPAA compliant location.  Your therapist or provider will be in a private location to ensure your privacy.  It is important that you, as the client, also ensure that you are in a private and confidential space when you engage in a tele-session in order to ensure privacy on your end.  We encourage you to find a space in which you are the only person, others cannot hear you or interrupt, and that you feel safe and secure in your space. 


Q: What happens if we have technical issues? 

A: While we hope this is not an issue for you, if technical problems arise, we will do our best to troubleshoot and re-engage in the session. If we are unable to resolve the technical difficulties, or unable to provide therapy or medication management due to ongoing connection issues, you will only be charged for the time we were actually able to “meet” with you. 


Q: Can you see little children over telehealth?

A: Children oftentimes prefer interacting with others over electronic means– it’s the world they’ve grown up in.  That said, there are some cases where meeting over video conferencing isn’t the most appropriate or pragmatic.  For example, certain types of play therapy just aren’t possible over video conferencing. In order for us to meet a child over telehealth, a parent or guardian must be close at hand in order to help with technological issues. 


Q: Can I stop coming into the office if telehealth is more convenient for me? 

A: Every person is different, and treatment plans vary.  Talk to your therapist or provider about the best treatment for you.


Q: Can my office appointment be rescheduled as a telehealth visit at the last minute?

A:  Yes!  We understand things happen that could make it difficult to come in, such as weather issues or car trouble.  Just call the office at (952) 443-4600 and ask to make the change as soon as you can. We’ll set up the appointment and you’ll get a link in a few minutes.


Q: If I move to another state, can I continue care using telehealth?

A: Local legislation requires the patient to be a legal resident of the same state their clinician or provider is licensed, so unfortunately the answer is no.  Your therapist or provider can make a referral to another provider near you in that case.


Q: Can I do my visit from anywhere?  In the car? In my office?

A: Yes– our telehealth platform comes with an easy-to-use mobile app that can used anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.  Quality care is always at the top of our minds.  It will be important that you connect from somewhere private and free of distractions to receive the full benefit of remote care.  Our telehealth platforms include easy-to-use mobile apps than can be used anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. 







All of our clinicians are equipped to provide telehealth.


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