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Website Terms of Use

In using any part of this website, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • This website is not to be used as a means of obtaining emergency psychiatric care.  If someone might get hurt, call 911 or the Carver County crisis hotline at (952) 442.7601.
  • Electronic communication cannot be guaranteed confidential.
  • If, in any electronic correspondence via this website, anyone threats serious bodily harm to others, we will notify the police and inform the intended victim.
  • If, in any electronic correspondence via this website, anyone threatens to harm themself, we will inform emergency services or the police.
  • Any correspondence from current clients (or guardians) who contact us through this website will become a part of their psychotherapy file.
  • Messages transmitted via this website are typically returned the same business day.  However, there is no guarantee that we will respond to your message within any specific time frame.
  • No portion of this website should be construed as a guarantee of therapy’s effectiveness.
  • Simply contacting us via this website does not imply a therapeutic relationship– we must meet in person to establish you as our client.
  • Client information submitted via this website are subject to the clinic’s privacy practices which can be obtained by calling the clinic.