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Rosemount Groundbreaking Ceremony

Lorenz Clinic held a Groundbreaking Ceremony Friday, May 22, to celebrate the start of construction on its new four-service clinic just off Carrousel Way in Rosemount.

In attendance for the ceremony were as follows (from left): Matthew O’Keefe (Synergy Architecture Studio), Jill Rasmussen (Davis), Patrick Giordana (Synergy Architecture Studio), Mayor Bill Droste of Rosemount, Mark Davis (Davis), Dr. Chad Lorenz (Lorenz Clinic), Tim McKee (Timco Construction), and Michael Stein (Davis).

This new clinic is three years in the making and will fulfill the communities’ mental health needs as it will now offer Family-Focused Home-Based therapy and Day Treatment in addition to its existing Medication Management and Outpatient Therapy services. “We’ve been in awe of the community around us, and we couldn’t be more resolved to expand such important mental health services when they’re needed most.” – Dr. Chad Lorenz, CEO of Lorenz Clinic.

Lorenz Clinic’s mission is to expand access to effective, nonjudgmental therapists to local and rural communities, so the new building, designed by Davis Healthcare Real Estate, will replace the current clinic off 146 St W, to accommodate the growing needs of its residents. It is expected to be completed late this year.

More information on the new clinic can be found here.