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Tips for Working at Home

How to Thrive Working From Home:

  1. “Go to work” – have routine, Get Dressed, etc.
  2. Designate a desk/workspace
  3. Work in comfort (proper chair/environment)
    ·      Set up for success (studies show that two screens increased productivity by 42%)
  4. Find your focus – soft music or noise cancellation
  5. Maintain regular hours – set a schedule and stick to it
    • Have a morning and evening routine to keep your home and work mindset separate
    • Get ready as you normally would in the morning
    • Close down your workstation at the end of the day
    • Schedule your breaks and eat regularly
  6. Keep in touch with employees
  7. Bring the office home – use the same office supplies as you would at work (pens/sticky notes/notebooks/etc)
  8. At the end of the day – go on a walk. Research shows that spending time with nature lowers stress, helps you relax, clears your mind and limits cabin fever.

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How to Work with Kids: 

  1. Be patient
  2. Set your priorities – Block off time
  3. Don’t try to be the teacher, but make a plan for education and entertainment
  4. It’s okay to reset – we all need quiet time (Capitalize on Naptime)
  5. Ask for help
  6. Keep your attitude in check – Stay positive
  7. Stay connected with other parents

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