Couples Therapy

A stressed relationship can be consuming. Getting what you need out of relationships sometimes takes outside help, and that’s what we do.

In couples therapy, our client is most often the relationship — not one side or the other. Romantic relationships are dances and, like any other dance, the outcome is a product of “we” rather than “him” or “she.”

In these sessions, our couples therapists offer a balanced approach that targets both halves of the dance — it’s not about blame or shame. Typically, the first phase of couples therapy involves moving the partners from a position of wishing the other person would change to taking personal responsibility for their “half” of the problem (and solution).


This is a short list of the issues we’ve helped couples change in the past:


Communication & Intimacy Issues


Uncoupling Therapy

How to Divorce Well

Divorcing with Children

Sexual Dysfunction

Co-Parenting Problems

Co-Parenting Despite Divorce

LBGTQ-Specific Parenting/Family Issues

Differences in Parenting Styles

Co-Parenting Together for the First Time

Talking About Sex

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