Opportunities for Impact

Our mission is to expand access to relationally-focused interventionists on main street, and our training program helps us reach out to everyone in need. Our training program has a reputation of providing a rich learning environment.


Application materials for 2018-19 practicum are accepted between 1/15/18 and 2/15/18.  Practica run for either 9 or 12 months, depending on students’ needs and academic program requirements.  Though not required, year-long placements are preferred in order to assure clients the highest level of continuity between trainees.  The Clinic offers both psychotherapy and assessment practicum placements… learn more.

Practicum 2021-22

For outpatient and day treatment therapy practica, the program typically takes master’s or doctoral students from counseling, Couples & Family Therapy, early childhood (infant mental health), social work, or child-focused degree programs. The placement requires at least 20-hours and at least two evenings per week. In our experience, the educational quality of a practicum is negatively correlated with a student’s concurrent credit load, and students are encouraged to begin practicum only after completing the majority of their degree requirements. Prerequisite coursework includes ethics, counseling theories, and psychopathology.  Although the clinic serves clients throughout the lifespan, practicum students are able to focus on the client population that best suits their learning goals.

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