Everything a child does is a statement about their needs. Our staff are trained to help translate and address what kids need so they can get back to the business of being a kid.

We know your children are the most important part of your life. Working with children takes an unusual amount of training and compassion. Every parent’s worst nightmare is having their child labeled negatively by a mental health professional.

Our clinic is staffed with providers that have been trained to listen to the function of kids’ behaviors– not to just label them good or bad. In every session with kids, we carefully balance the relational capital we have with them against the need for directiveness and intervention. Change is often scary for kids because their symptoms are often attempts at getting their needs met– every step of the way, our position is one of compassionate direction.

Here is a brief list of the child issues we treat:

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Early Childhood Parental Guidance
Parent-Child Relational Therapy
Attachment Issues
Rape & Sexual Abuse
Other Psychological Trauma
Children of High-Conflict Divorce
Masculinity & Adolescence
Child Defiance and Problematic Behaviors
Emotion Regulation Problems
Adolescent Transitions
School Refusal
Conduct Disorder
Court-ordered Diagnostic Assessments


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Prior Lake

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For a comprehensive list of all resources and information, please visit the Resources page